Taking on Run the Month: Marathon Edition? We're here to help. Below you can find ideas, hints, tips and downloads to help you smash the challenge:  

  1. Get a plan in place early Organise when you’re going to jog, walk or run, and think about your goal - do you plan to do 6.5 miles a week or sprint the distance? If you’re heading out on a weekend, get your route planned, sort out some snacks and let your friends and family know so they can come and cheer you on from the pavement.

  2. Set up your online fundraising page Make your page stand out: once you've created your page, make sure to add a picture and update your story to let everyone know why you’re taking on Run the Month: Marathon Edition. 

  3. Spread the word Your friends and family will be so proud of you for taking on this challenge, as long as they know it's happening…Share your challenge plans on your social media pages, wear one of our branded tops to spread awareness and shout it from the rooftops - you’re doing something incredible! Local papers are always looking for a great story, so let them know what you’re up to. You can also contact Prostate Cancer UK for a template press release and ongoing support.

  4. Ask the boss! Find out if your employer offers matched giving or would like to give a donation. Remember to add your donation page link to your email signature, see if you can publicise your story on your intranet to help generate sponsorship.

  5. Thank your sponsors It’s up to you how you want to do this, some people send emails, some send cards, whatever you feel is appropriate make sure you take the time to thank the people that donated to your cause.

For anything not covered above, please call Prostate Cancer UK on 0203 310 7034 or contact us online.

Prostate cancer is now the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK. The impact of the coronavirus crisis means Prostate Cancer UK’s life-saving research is at risk. Men have never needed our support more to protect research into better tests and treatments to stop prostate cancer being a killer.

Ready to get going? 

You should now be ready to lace up your trainers and take on Run the Month: Marathon Edition. If you would like any branded goods, like t-shirts, banners or balloons, please get in touch.