Image of a woman running in Prostate CanceR UK T-shirt smiling with her thumbs up to the camera

About Run the Month: Marathon Edition

Run The Month: Marathon Edition is a great way to get back into fitness this January and raise money to help the men we love live long and live well.  

Simply run, jog, walk or wheel a total distance of 26.2 miles throughout January to complete the challenge. How you take part is up to you! You could take on a few miles a day, or save your energy for one full marathon. 

Three reasons to lace up your trainers and hit the pavement this winter:

  1. Exercise can help lift your mood and improve your mental wellbeing – especially during those long winter months! 

  2. Did you know? As well as helping you maintain a healthy weight, keeping physically active can help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and give you an energy boost. 

  3. Every mile you run and every pound you raise will help fund vital research and support services for dads, grandads, partners, brothers, sons, uncles and mates.